Is Remote Working for You? Here Is How You Can Find Out.

Many people experienced remote work because of the pandemic. Initially, it was not a popular choice, as people were frustrated with the COVID restrictions and wanted to go out. However, as time went by and people understood the many benefits remote working opportunities offer, they started seeking a work-from-home setup more.

According to the statistics, nearly 4.7 million people are remotely working half the time in the US. About 32% of individuals stated that they would quit their job if it did not offer a remote working opportunity.

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If you have been considering a career in freelancing or would like to know how to work from home, we can help you reach a decision. Keep reading to compare the challenges and benefits of remote working and find out whether or not it is the ideal arrangement for you.

The Benefits of Working from Home

Increased Productivity

According to statistics, workers working remotely showed a 77% increase in productivity. In many cases, not having to dress up and commute can save them energy, which they put into work. There are few distractions at your home as compared to in the office. You will not have to deal with any office politics or engage in useless chitchat that might disturb you. In addition, the flexible schedule allows you to pick hours you feel most productive and get work done quicker.

Save Time and Money

You can save significant amounts of money and time if you take out your commute and lunch expense for work. Some people travel hours to get to their job. Remote work saves you from that inconvenience and allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home.

A Flexible Schedule

In a work-from-home setting, you get to decide your working hours. These could be late at night or early in the morning depending upon your preference. There is no 9-to-5-hour restriction, which might work for you. In a remote working arrangement, as long as you get your work done on time, it does not matter when you did it or how long it took.

Employee Retention

Remote working is an excellent incentive to offer to employees. Employees can provide childcare, and have time for personal skill development. It allows them to have a healthy personal and professional life, which can factor into their decision of staying at your company.

The Challenges


One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that it isolates people. You are continuously cooped up in a room; you can become isolated and feel lonely at one point. Whereas, when you are working from the office, you get to interact with many people and have chats with work friends.

Reduced Work-Life Balance

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of working remotely is maintaining a work-life balance. It becomes increasingly difficult to separate your work from home. This is because there is no distinguishable boundary between your place of work and your place of rest.

To beat this, try dedicating a space for your work rather than working from anywhere and try to schedule hours you will work in, so you can spend time on self-care as well.

Strained Team Relations

Real-life interactions carry more weight than scheduled zoom meetings and chat messages. Lack of interaction with one’s team can lead to strained relations with your colleagues. You will no longer be getting coffee or lunch together, which can reduce morale and impair team spirit.

In Summary

The pros of remote working outweigh the cons, but it is not for everybody. If you enjoy a strict scheduled routine, a 9 to 5 arrangement is perfect.

It does not make you less productive than remote working employees. It simply comes down to your preference. If you feel confused about pursuing remote work, think hard about the challenges that come with it and its benefits as well. Choose what is best for you, not what everyone is doing.